Blog Post #2

This blog topic I found to be rather eye opening. From just one google search, I found there was actually quite a few links to my social media that I didn’t know about. The first link was showing my Facebook. I am not too worried about other people finding my Facebook since I keep post to a minimum and have all privacy blocks up for my account.

I did see my Vimeo page three or four links down. I knew this would show up on my google search, since I was able to get my internship because of their google search on me which brought up my personal Vimeo account.

Looking at the link provided for I saw that they drew most likely on the consensus and found not only my birth year, full name and hometown, but they also found my parents full names plus their birth year. Thankfully when I looked at the “Related Searches” nothing was able to be found.  I have many questions on how they are to obtain this information but looking at my social media I could see where they might have drawn some information.

My personal Twitter is non private and in the past year Twitter has started sharing the location of which that tweet was sent out. I have also received previous happy birthday comments so my birthdate/age could be tracked from that one social media alone.

Thinking about bigger data there is some elements that are somewhat scary or uncomfortable. But after watching the in class film “Big Data Revolution” I see there are more good than bad that can come from Big Data. There are new areas of the world that are reaching technology and come up with new and innovative ideas. There is more to learn from emerging technology than ever before.


The photos below show just how detailed Twitter can be…







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