Blog Post #3

The “Power Of Ten” video was a powerful video in the fact that you are actually able to visibly see the comparison of a human being to outer space. By multiplying the screen by ten every few seconds slowly you realize how much space there is beyond just earth and even the milky way!

If all of the information from that video was put into an excel chart and we could only visually see numbers there would be nothing but zeros on the screen. As someone who is a visual learner having those comparisons to visually see makes a world of difference (pun intended).

When looking at the Australian massacre map there was a shocking amount of massacres that happened in the history of Australia that I was unaware. The history of wars in Australia is mostly between natives and settlers and what I found to be most interesting was the single blue dot that represented the only battle in which settlers were massacred.

The last reading about Joseph Priestley’s chart created of famous men’s lives was rather dense. Although I saw it most compared to the quote by  Maureen Stone. This published chart was very influential and was shown as a revolutionary way to display data. By taking data and displaying it in a visual/artist way is a new way and easier method for finding visual patterns and theorizing different interpretations of the data.

Overall the two readings provided by the video were interesting to read and watch because of the visual representation, it’s a nice step back from looking at basic day to day data.



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