Green Data Project Relfection

At the very start of this data collection period I found that I was constantly checking my battery percentage. Marking each hour of everyday made me compare one hour from the other and one day from another. I started to see the obvious first; how my battery would drop greatly after the gym or when I was listening to music while studying. I was surprised how fast my battery could drop in an hour. I’ve always known that It could drop quickly but in some cases I would lose up to 20% of my battery in just a single hour.

While I don’t think I can necessarily say what this data means, I can draw different ideas from what I can visually see. In the reading “Trouble with Timelines” there was a big discovery talking about how visual data can draw more conclusions and a new way of thinking about data. That same concept goes for me with my data. I had spent all week transferring my data from my cell phone to an excel sheet and other than comparing one number to the next I did not interpret anything significant. However, when I had finally put all of this data into a visual graph I saw multiple meanings to this data simply from a visual representation. I found around 5-6pm was when my battery percentage was the lowest. And for the majority of my days I had around the same slope of decrease with my battery throughout the day.

I actually had quite some trouble with making my data a visual collection. The way that I set up my data table in excel did not work well with a majority of the infographic making websites. It wasn’t until I changed the X and Y values by completely re-charting everything that my data was able to be read by the websites. I wanted every hour to be tracked in order to see a more well-rounded day.  It started out as something much more difficult than I thought and I had to start setting alarms. I never would take naps in fear that I would sleep through my data collection alarm. But by the third or fourth day I fell into a groove of data collection. I would reset every alarm the night before on my way to bed, then with each alarm I would screen shot my battery percentage to put into my excel sheet later that night. If I were to do it again I would also try keeping track of what app I currently had open and different settings that I had turned on such as Bluetooth and Wifi because I feel as if those may have contributed to my battery percentage throughout the week.

Here is the visual representation of my project:


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