Digital Curation Project

For this project I knew I wanted to make a video displaying nature in relation to technology. After reading the beginning of Lawrence Lessig’s, “Free Culture” and reading how free culture is viewed as troublesome to our society, I wanted to make the video about pollution from technology. But after going deeper into the reading a passage said “As every free market does, this free market of free culture would grow as the consumers and producers chose.”  I took this as how technology has grown our society and made us bigger than before.

I then started brainstorming the positive aspects of nature and technology. I started to think of new “green” technology like water dams, solar panels, etc. My concept for the video in that relation would be to make it extremely visual. A friend of mine uploaded a song to the Public Domain called “Flower Child” and from that I decided to create somewhat of a music video.

The concept is to show the relation of technology and nature with the music as an enhancement to the visuals. I found a reading of T.S. Eliot reading Four Quartets and wanted to put that under the music to guide the story.

The video starts off talking about nature as a god which I related to the beginning of technology. Something as basic as a tree is used in technology to make things like a canoe, a beginning transportation technology. I then brought in the modern technologies I see currently in relation to technology and nature, such as the windmills and solar panels.

My favorite clip is when the visual in the video is of a subway tunnel time lapse. T.S. Eliot is recorded saying how the “worshipers of time” are “watching and waiting, just watching and waiting.” The worshipers are of course humans and society as a whole, but the watching and waiting I took as technology and it’s advancement over time. We are watching and waiting for makers to make new and more advance technology. All of the technology we have derive from nature.




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