Blog Post #4

For this blog post I changed the overall theme of my blog. At first I looked into the full free themes provided by WordPress to look at different version of CRAP for my blog. I decided to change my blog to the theme “Ovis”. I mainly picked this theme because of the contrast it provides. The original background color was almost black so I customized the change to a charcoal like color to make the contrast not as dramatic. The letters are also a white color to pop from the background and add another level of contrast. For repetition I made the font for both the title and the blog post the same. My favorite part of this theme is the alignment. All the blog post and even the titles of the blog post are aligned to the left of the page. Finally for proximity everything is equally spaced from each other. From the blog post to the widgets on the side there is equal spacing between all areas. This new theme is a lot better in my opinion from the original I had and I can understand how the CRAP method can enhance a technology platform.


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