Blog Post #5

When I first read this prompt which asked “how does culture effect design”, my first thought was fashion. Our modern fashion is considerably affected by the day to day culture of modern society. There was a major influence of 90’s culture brought into our modern society in the past few years, this effected new clothing lines greatly. Things like chokers, denim skirts/jackets, and hairstyles from the 90’s are being worn today by teens and young adults.

Then when bringing up the idea of how design effects culture, I was a little more stuck. The website “make shape change” gave an example in their video of a classroom where the solar system jumps off the board and then floats in a circle around the learning students. This is an example of how design effects culture. There is a demand for new ways of leaning with the aid of new technology. We have created apps for studying and have made smart projectors that respond to the touch of a human hand. These are all examples of how design effects culture. The new designs put into our education change the way we learn and in almost all cases it is to be able to learn more, faster, better and in a more interesting way.


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