Blog Post #6

Looking back at this semester in DTC 101, I can say it has become one of, if not my favorite classes I have taken at WSU. I am a communication major, however I  want to go into documentary filming for a career, so I decided to minor in Digital Technology and Culture.

This class as an intro to the major is set up very nicely, I would say the unit that had the biggest impact on me was the unit on design/design thinking. From that unit I started to look at my everyday technology differently. I started to see the design concepts for the technology I use on a daily basis and how they helped with the usage of an app or how they would hinder an app.

Compared to other DTC courses I am currently in this class definitely focuses on the “why”. In DTC 201, we used Adobe to create different assignments but the focus is more on how to use a design product rather than why.

I also enjoyed the informality of the class. Hearing others opinions on certain topics and how they would interpret readings or concepts differently showed another side of technology culture I might have never seen learning from a lecture.

If I were to critique a part of the class I would say the blog post had the least impact on me. I do think the readings are important and I did try and read almost every one we were given, but the blog post created to explain our thoughts just weren’t as regular for me to feel like I was gaining anything from them.

I would definitely recommend this class to any student looking for a 100 level class. Being in the DTC program helps with interest level to the class but the class is engaging enough that someone with no knowledge on the topic could have a great time.


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