About Me

My name is Lexis Cook and I am a Communication major at Washington State University. This word press has been created for my Com210 class and will be used for that entirely. I was born and raised in Issaquah Washington a smaller city just outside of Seattle in the foothills of the Cascades. I’ve become a big advocate for supporting local farmers, companies and charities, not only is it good for our environment, but it supports the area and people closest to us.  As a career goal, I’d like to work in the film/cinema field, wether that be creating films or critiquing them. I’ve grown up with a love for film and a family that high supports going after big dreams, so I know this career path is for me. I’m studying broadcast journalism Com to get an understanding to the politics behind media in our society today. There’s a lot of big things and changes that go unnoticed in our society and I want to be someone that notices them. I’ve joined a chapter here at WSU to gain a support system and make friendships beyond sharing a class with someone, so far my experience in pullman is better than I could have ever asked and I’m excited for more to come! Go Cougs!